Warwickshire Provincial Grand Chapter

Warwickshire Provincial Grand ChapterWelcome to the Warwickshire Royal Arch Masonry website. I sincerely hope that it will be of interest and provide an insight into the Royal Arch both for Master Masons Freemasons and Companions alike.

You will be aware that the Royal Arch is not only an integral part of Free Masonry as expressed in the preliminary declaration, but is also the completion of your journey through Pure Ancient Masonry.

The Royal Arch provides a special feeling of friendship and companionship which is unique to this order. So much so, that those who embrace it will testify to the increased level of enjoyment and happiness which they derive from their membership.

Come and join us! You will be made to feel most welcome and above all, like all Freemasonry, it is there to be enjoyed.

Interested? You can find all the information you need in the About Us section

Introduction by the Grand Superintendent for Warwickshire

As Grand Superintendent of Royal Arch Masonry in Warwickshire, I welcome you to our web pages and hope you will enjoy browsing through them.

Masonry may sometimes seem confusing and hard to understand, and my senior colleagues and I would always be pleased to try and dispel these misunderstandings, and explain the position the Royal Arch has in Masonry generally and its intentions.

Grand Superintendent for WarwickshireOne of the earliest mentions of the Royal Arch is a report of a meeting in 1743. Thus for nearly 260 years this vital part of Masonry, described by one Masonic genius, as “the root, heart and marrow of Masonry” has existed, developed and flourished. In 1813 when our United Grand Lodge rewrote our rulebook, called the Book of Constitutions, the Royal Arch was declared part of “pure Antient Masonry” and so it remains today.

All masons who have completed the three Craft ceremonies, not only are able, but are recommended, to join a Royal Arch Chapter and we have 59 in Warwickshire with over 1200 members and they meet at all the main Masonic centres throughout the province.

Our workings are historical and highly symbolic and not only of great interest but great fun. All Chapters also have an active social side and maintain strong charitable ideals.

We can be reached through Scribe E. Philip Gough, on the contact us form provided.

John L Saint – Grand Superintendent for Warwickshire