Chapters' Charity-Giving Support Scheme

The Chapters’ Charity Support Scheme was created following requests from Chapter Charity Stewards for a method of collecting for other charities of their Chapter’s choice to use the Gift Aid element to enhance the amount their chosen charity receives.  The Warwickshire Royal Arch Benevolent Fund committee agreed to consider supplementing such donations from central funds, to enhance Chapter donations.  A guide leaflet describes the scheme in detail and can be downloaded here

For the scheme to accomplish its aim of supplementing Chapter donations, the Benevolent Fund will look to adding a supplement to the donation as permitted within the Rules by which it is governed as a registered charity.  Generally, the beneficiary must be a charity (not necessarily a registered charity) which can include churches, some types of schools, service funds of the armed forces, Scout and Guide groups, etc. These must be situated within the Masonic province of Warwickshire and generally seen to be benefiting the young, the elderly, the disabled or voluntary bodies.  Whether a supplement is added, or not, and to what amount, will be at the sole discretion of the Benevolent Fund Trustees and shall be without detriment to the Benevolent Fund’s main objective of providing a substantial grant to a Warwickshire non-masonic charity every 2 years or so.

The Chapter Charity Support Scheme provides the opportunity to support local good causes, especially those identified by Chapters, and the more donations the Benevolent Fund receives the more support it can provide.

As the name implies, the Chapters’ Charity Support Scheme is for supporting chapters in their charitable giving to the community. It is hoped that your chapter will take full advantage of this facility.


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