Riding for the Disabled Association

The Riding for the Disabled Association provide riding experience to a group of children from Springfield Special School in Knowle who have Autism and Special Educational Needs. Riding helps children who have not ridden before, to gain improvement of balance, communication skills and so many other areas, riding is something most of them would never be able to do otherwise.

With the assistance of the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, E. Comp Nigel Hawkins (showing off his photographic skills) we presentenced them with a cheque for £1000.00 this will help towards equipment they so desperately need.

During our visit a little boy of about 8 yrs. came stood with us and one of the volunteers asked him if he would like to stroke one of the horses today, his reply was maybe later. She related to us that he had been attending the school for approximately 2 months and would not go near a horse let alone stroke one but enjoyed being there, until one day he asked if he could stroke a horse which he did. When his father saw the photo of his son stroking the horse, he burst into tears with pride saying I’m so proud of him and of his achievement and never thought this would happen. Such a small thing to us but a mountain of achievement for that little boy whose confidence is now growing.

I am proud and humbled that we as Warwickshire Royal Arch Masons can support this charity with your continued donations to the Warwickshire Royal Arch Benevolent Fund.

E. Comp Rod Hinton P.G.A.    

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