Walmley St John Chapter – MEZ’s Houdini Performance

E Comp Steve Tranter, MEZ of Walmley St John Chapter, performed a remarkable manoeuvre, worthy of illusionist Harry Houdini, during the Installation Convocation at Walmley St John Chapter.  Having completed his year as MEZ, he became Third Principal Elect, confirmed his obligation and then returned to the First Principal’s chair to install his successor, E Comp Robert Hunter. 

In fact, it was a complete turn around from last year, when I reported that it had taken E Comp Steve over 30 years to reach the First Principal’s chair, but this time it had only taken E Comp Robert four years to go from Exaltation to Installation.

In a very well arranged ceremony, thanks to E Comp Steve and E Comp Mike Hodkinson as Director of Ceremonies, the Installation of E Comp Robert Hunter as MEZ, E Comp Alan Nelmes as H and E Comp Steve Tranter as J proceeded with dignity and expertise.

The Provincial team consisted of E Comp Mike Hogarth, PAGDC, Assistant to the Provincial Principals, E Comp John Hayward, PGStdB, Past Assistant to the Provincial Principals, E Comp Paul Thrupp, Provincial Grand Janitor, and E Comp Michael Willetts, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.

The meeting was very well attended by visitors and Acting Provincial Officers, to provide a happy and enjoyable evening for the new First Principal and all present.  The proclamation at the conclusion, perfectly announced by E Comp Michael Willetts, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, consisted of no less than six Grand Officers, three Acting Provincial Officers, and an Officer of the Year, to the delight of all present.

E Comp Mike Hodkinson, Director of Ceremonies, was in good form, contributing throughout the ceremony, and giving an excellent explanation of the sign of the First Chair.

Well done to all the members of the Walmley St John team for a very enjoyable evening.

The Chapter team with the Provincial team:

E Comps.  John Hayward, Alan Nelmes, Mike Hogarth, Robert Hunter, Steve Tranter, Paul Thrupp.

The Three Principals of the Chapter:

Alan Nelmes, 2nd Principal, Robert Hunter, First Principal, and Steve Tranter, Third Principal.

John B Hayward

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