London & Warwickshire Chapter No 3846

Monday the 1st of November was the first London Warwickshire meeting since the pandemic restrictions were lifted, and the first normal Installation meeting for two years to the day.

Although the London Warwickshire is a Metropolitan Chapter, there are a number of Warwickshire Royal Arch Companions amongst it members, including the Warwickshire 3rd Provincial Grand Principal along with many other past and present Provincial Officers of Warwickshire Royal Arch.

Following the convocation, we took advantage of the new dining facilities and bar within the Freemasons Hall itself in Great Queen Street, which might be of interest to Warwickshire companions generally.

The food and service was excellent and the bar prices were relatively cheap for London. Interestingly, you may notice in one of the following pictures there seems to be tasteful caricatures of well know leaders of our fraternity which you may recognise.

Attached are a few pictures taken of our time in the festive board and of the bar area which you may also find of interest.


Our Festive Board



The Bar



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