Swan of Avon No. 2133 – Centenary Charter Presentation Ceremony

On Tuesday 25th of January, the members of the Swan of Avon Chapter No 2133 were delighted to attend a rather unusual, but regular meeting of the Chapter when the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E. Comp Philip L Hall, the Provincial 1st Grand Principal assisted by E. Comp John K Starley, and E. Comp Nigel J Hawkins, the Provincial 2nd and 3rd Grand Principals conducted the presentation of the Centenary Charter to the Chapter.

The meeting which was well attended by the Chapters members and visitors received a Brief History of The Swan of Avon Chapter presented by Ex. Companion Ian R Bristoll, the Chapters Scribe E which was then followed by the presentation of the new Centenary Charter with readings given by the three Provincial Grand Principals including a recital of the Charter itself.

The Consecration of the chapter took place all those years ago at the Town Hall Ballroom in Stratford-upon-Avon on the 13th day of June 1919. The three principals’ chairs were placed under the Gainsborough Portrait of Garrick, shown here relaxing alongside a bust of Shakespeare;

The Ceremony was presided over by E. Companion Rev Cannon C W Barnard, the Grand Superintendent of Warwickshire and one of the founders of the Chapter, he was aided by E. Comp B Hunn PAGDC and E. Comp CJ Fowler, the 2nd and 3rd Grand Principals and other provincial Officers.

This is the Warrant of the Chapter alongside which will stand the Centenary Charter at all future meetings which since March 1945 have been held at the Masonic Hall in Great William Street:

Shown here are the members of the Chapter during the Centenary Year:

And this is a picture of the Three Principals, again during the Centenary Year:

From left to right, E. Companion David FW Hayward 2nd Principal, E. Companion Thomas E Mangan 1st Principal and E. Companion Greg A Richards the 3rd Principal.

The next picture completes the 100 year cycle with the Chapter principals accompanied by the Provincial Grand Superintendent, Philip L Hall with a plethora of other members of the Provincial Team who I’m sure you will all recognise. Standing next to me, fourth from the left is the Chapter Scribe E, E. Companion Ian R Bristoll, a central figure in compiling the historical path of the Chapter and ensuring the evening was a memorable event for the Chapter members and the many visitors who attended.

Paul Regan
Provincial Scribe E

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