The Travelling Loving Cup Progresses to Guy’s Cliffe Chapter

On a very warm June evening, the Travelling Loving Cup moved on from Fletcher Chapter 1031, based at the Knowle Masonic Centre to Guy’s Cliffe Chapter 8874, meeting at the magnificent St Mary Magdalene Chapel, Guy’s Cliffe, Warwick.

Prior to the handover, E Comp Mark Phillips presented an illustrated and very detailed explanation of the Royal Arch Jewel, and asked various questions of those present relating to the Jewel, some of which left the audience baffled but very appreciative.

In a splendid presentation, E Comp Mark Phillips, MEZ of Fletcher Chapter entrusted the Travelling Loving Cup to the MEZ of Guy’s Cliffe Chapter, E Comp Nigel Hawkins, giving a brief history of its travels to date, and the conditions that need to be met to keep the Cup travelling through the Province.  History and Conditions are at the end of this article.

Pictured above with the Cup at the handover are:

E Comp Mark Phillips, MEZ Fletcher Chapter with E Comp Nigel Hawkins, MEZ Guy’s Cliffe Chapter, E Comp Mike Bowes, H, Fletcher Chapter, E Comp John Hayward, Acting H, Guy’s Cliffe Chapter, E Comp Mike Ball, Acting J Fletcher Chapter and E Comp Sean Phillips, J Guy’s Cliffe Chapter.  They are accompanied by Companions from both Chapters, and also from Forest of Arden Chapter, who were the previous holders of the Cup, and several other visitors.

As “Guardian” of the Travelling Loving Cup, E Comp John Hayward congratulated all the Chapters involved for a very rapid movement of the Cup through several Chapters.  The Cup is due to move again on June 21st to Apollo Chapter in Alcester, where it just so happens that E Comp Nigel Hawkins is also the First Principal.  How he will present it to himself remains to be seen!

This was a very special evening, which also celebrated the 100th meeting of Guy’s Cliffe Chapter, which was consecrated in June 1988.  Sadly, the only remaining founder of the Chapter, E Comp Peter Johnston, was unable to be present.

Prior to closing the Convocation, a very welcome proposal of a Candidate from a local Lodge will provide an Exaltation ceremony at the next meeting in October.

At the very pleasant informal festive board which followed, a toast was proposed to the Chapter to mark the 100th meeting, and a Centenary cake was rapidly devoured by those present after a thoroughly relaxed and unusual Convocation.


E Comp Nigel Hawkins and E Comp Mark Phillips prior to the cutting of the cake – but perhaps not with those implements!

With thanks to E Comp David Leask for his photographic expertise.


E.Comp John Hayward


TLC Journey Rules:

To follow the rules governing the Cup’s travels, the Holding Chapter must select another Chapter, at another Warwickshire centre, with at least three members taking the cup to its destination.  The holding Chapter must not keep it for long, so that it continues its journey throughout the Province, and encourages visiting between Chapters.  The cup is now kept in a box to protect it on its travels, together with a record of its movements to date.  See the Royal Arch website for more information.

Past holders:-

Shakespeare Chapter No.284 – 6 July 2019 to 25 July 2019
Leigh Chapter No 887 – 25 July 2019 to 6 September 2019
Athol Chapter No 74 – 6 September 2019 to 16 September 2019
Leigh Chapter No 887 – 16 September 2019 to 3rd January 2020
Bedeword Chapter No 7274 – 3rd January 2020 to 16th May 2022
Athelstan Chapter No 1333 –  16th May 2022 to 17th October 2022
Chapter of Faith and Hope 4772 –  17th October 2022 to 7th February 2023
Forest of Arden Chapter 3826 – 7th February 2023 to 16th May 2023
Fletcher Chapter 1031 – 16th May 2023 to 12th June 2023
Guy’s Cliffe Chapter – 12th June 2023 to 21st June 2023 (To be confirmed)
Apollo Chapter – 21st June 2023 to ?

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