Time for an Update

The 2018 updated book of “Warwickshire Working of the Royal Arch Ritual” is now available for purchase from the Provincial Treasurer priced at £11.00.

Amongst the changes is a new section at the back of the book which contains an explanation of the “Grand Chapter Certificate”, a version of “Setting the Scene, the Sojourners Card” and a method of sharing the Exaltation Ceremony. This latter point, which will be demonstrated at the Chapter of Improvement Festival on 18th April, should be of interest to all those who may become involved in the ceremony. It provides for an option that allows for the ritual to be presented by each of the Principals and Sojourners, delivering a more easily learned, smaller part.

A Cheque for the quantity required, with the return mail address, can be sent to the Provincial Treasurer N J Hawkins Esq.

For those who do not have the home address for the Provincial Treasurer this can be obtained by emailing him, or found in the Warwickshire Year Book.

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