Yenton Chairman becomes a Chapter First Principal

On a cold December evening, E Comp Steve Tranter, Chairman of the Yenton Masonic Centre, was installed as First Principal of the Walmley St John Chapter.  This was Steve’s first experience of becoming a First Principal, despite being a member of the Chapter for over 30 years, having being held up by work, sports and other Orders – notably the Craft where he was Provincial Junior Grand Warden, promoted on retirement to Provincial Senior Grand Warden, and is now Provincial Grand Treasurer.



The meeting was well attended by visitors and members of the Acting Provincial team, to provide a very pleasant evening for the new First Principal and all present.  E Comp Malcolm Noy, conducted the Installation in a very personal manner, and was genuinely pleased to be able to be present, having recently suffered a particularly debilitating bout of the covid virus.

In the absence of Haggai elect, also suffering from covid symptoms, E Comp Neil Watkin deputised and undertook the induction of E Comp Alan Nelmes as Third Principal.



The Chapter team with the Provincial team:

E Comps.  David Evans, Neil Watkin, John Hayward, Malcolm Noy, Steve Tranter, Jonathan Amies and Alan Nelmes.

Well done to all the members of the Walmley St John team for a very enjoyable evening.



The Provincial Team – David Evans, Acting 2nd Provincial Principal, John Hayward, Assistant to the Provincial Principals and Jonathan Amies, Acting 3rd Provincial Principal.

With grateful thanks to E Comp Mike Smith, Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, not only for his photographic skills, but mainly for his invaluable assistance, before, during and after the ceremony.


John B Hayward
Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals

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